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York   York Region
Dongara has a 20 year contract with York Region to receive and process 100,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste per year.  York Region will receive a regular analysis of the waste composition to better help them serve the community in York Region.
Ontario   Ministry of the Environment
After very rigorous study, the Ministry of  Environment has given Dongara a Certificate of Approval to process waste into an engineered fuel.  There are limitations within the Certificate regarding maximum annual MSW throughput, as well as air and water.  The Ministry of Environment monitors the facility regularly to ensure Dongara lives up to our commitment to the Environment.
Vaughn   City of Vaughan
The City of Vaughan is the host community to the Dongara Plant.  The City of Vaughan owns the land on which the plant is located and will collect an annual rent.  The City of Vaughan residents will not be trucking extensive distances to dispose of their waste.
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