Dongara Pellet Plant Manufacturing Process
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Manufacturing Process

The Process

The waste management and treatment process used by Dongara is as follows:

  1. The Dongara process uses residential waste as a feedstock to manufacture an engineered sustainable, fuel product. The waste is delivered to the plant from curb side collection. The waste (green bag) is what is left after the city recycling initiatives are fulfilled.

  2. The waste is tipped on to the Dongara receiving floor (tip floor) and then fed into bag breakers, which open the bags to reveal the contents.

  3. The waste is fed into a size separation system. The large and small waste is separated and all materials are passed through a metal
separation process.

  4. The large pieces pass through a screening process which separates paper from other heavy waste stream items. Then both the large and small waste streams continue to a manual picking station where workers select the materials needed by removing unwanted items out of the waste.

  5. The small waste stream passes through a glass separation system, the remaining small material is then fed with all large material to additional
separation systems where Dongara can positively choose what is required for the final mix, by eliminating any other undesirable materials. For example PVC plastic, other selected plastics or any remaining metal or alloys can be removed at this point. All material goes for one final removal of metal through a fine metal separation. The material is then size reduced one more time.

  6. The waste is then fed to a machine which binds it and prepares it for silo storage. The bond product is then fed to the mixing system; once it has been properly mixed, it is ready to be pressed. The mix is then compressed into a standard size fuel product, approximately one to two inches. The product is then tested for a predetermined (engineered) energy content and quality, to meet our customers’ requirements. The fuel product is then stored until it is ready for shipment.

  7. All the recyclables will be shipped to outside companies for their own independent recycling efforts. E.g. metals, aluminum, glass, positively selected plastics, PVC plastics, eliminating a need for landfill.

The Process Diagram

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