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Business Overview
The Dongara Pellet Plant is an operating waste processing facility located at the northeast corner of Highway 407 and Highway 27 in the City of Vaughan, Ontario.

Dongara Product
Dongara uses residential waste (municipal solid waste) as a feedstock to manufacture a fuel product that is a substitute for fossil fuels.

Dongara Manufacturing Process
The Dongara process uses residential waste as a feedstock to manufacture an engineered sustainable, fuel product. The waste is delivered to the plant from curb side collection. The waste (green bag) is what is left after the city recycling initiatives are fulfilled.

Dongara Governmet Alliances
Dongara has a 20 year contract with York Region to receive and process 100,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste per year.  York Region will receive a regular analysis of the waste composition to better help them serve the community in York Region.

Dongara Partners
Borealis Infrastructure is Canada’s pre-eminent investment company for institutional and large corporate investors seeking superior returns for long term ownership of infrastructure assets in Canada and globally.

Contact Dongara
For further information on Dongara, please contact:

7251 HWY 27
Woodbridge, Ontario
L4L 0C2


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